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Breaking Barriers with AI Sign Language Translation

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Signapse is an AI-powered sign language translation company that provides real-time sign language translation and interpretation services. With its synthetic signers, it helps clients in making broadcast media, announcements in public spaces, and websites accessible for sign language users. Signapse is dedicated to breaking barriers and making sign language accessible for everyone.

Signapse is an innovative AI-powered sign language translation company, on a mission to break barriers for the Deaf community. The company has developed robust technology that improves accessibility by providing real-time sign language translation and interpretation services. Signapse's synthetic signers are at the core of its offering, making it possible to translate audio, text, and video content into sign language with no fuss or delay.

The team at Signapse comprises Deaf and hearing people, entrepreneurs, engineers, and researchers, all working together to build artificial intelligence solutions for clients who want access to sign language translation and interpretation. The company has partnered with national banks and retail organizations, among others, to ensure that sign language users' needs are front and center in these projects.

How does Signapse's technology work? Meet its digital signers – Guy, Safyan, and Mia – who reside at the bottom of the page, translating audio, text, and video for users. Signapse's synthetic signers are all based on actual video footage of translators who are compensated each time their image is used commercially. If you would like to be part of this talented team of signers, please get in touch.

Signapse is currently developing a range of products to further expand access to sign language translation and interpretation. Its first project, Broadcast, provides a synthetic signer for use in broadcast media platforms. This project makes use of a human interpreter signing from home, reducing production costs, providing a consistent signer appearance, and enabling anonymization for the interpreter. The second project, Transport, provides automatic announcements using the latest artificial intelligence techniques. At a fraction of the cost, regular and emergency announcements can be made in sign language at train stations, airports, or other public spaces. The third project, Accessibility, provides consistent appearance to translated content via synthetic signer technology. Signapse is working with project partners, such as Microlink, to use its innovative technology to provide accessibility for up to 80,000 Deaf people.

Signapse is seeking forward-thinking clients who aim to build the next generation of access for sign language users. The company values working with those who want to be a part of the future of equality, that are commercially astute and able to campaign and effect change from within their organization. If you are interested in joining Signapse's family of key clients, please contact them.

Signapse is also providing early access to its automatic sign language video anonymization tool for a select group of clients. This innovative tool enables visual anonymization of sign language content online, making it safer to share. Signapse can anonymize signed content, no matter the video quality or language, exactly to your needs, and delete all personal data within seven days.

In summary, Signapse is a revolutionary company that is breaking down barriers for Deaf people. Its innovative technology and synthetic signers provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective sign language translation and interpretation services. Signapse is committed to making sign language accessible to anyone, and it is looking for forward-thinking clients and partners to help build the next generation of access for sign language users. Join them in their mission to make sign language accessible for everyone!