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rendSpider offers an automated technical analysis software for traders, by traders. With features like real-time scanning, automated pattern recognition, and raindrop charts®, TrendSpider helps traders create, test, and refine trading strategies to make smarter and more strategic trading decisions.

TrendSpider is an all-in-one trading platform that offers automated technical analysis software for traders who are looking to trade smarter. With real-time scanning, smart charts, automated pattern recognition, and raindrop charts®, TrendSpider makes it easier for traders to find and analyze trading opportunities, improve their accuracy, and time their trades with precision. The software is designed by traders, for traders, and is equipped with strategy development tools to help traders create, test, and refine their trading strategies. Beyond that, TrendSpider is loved by tens of thousands of traders for its ability to speed up their processes, automate their grunt work, and find better setups, faster.

For users who are just getting started with TrendSpider, there's comprehensive documentation available to help them learn the platform. Plus, with TrendSpider TV and a valuable blog, traders have access to educational resources to improve their skills and become smarter traders.

TrendSpider isn't just for individual traders, either—it's flexible for brokers and exchanges as well as educators and universities. Plus, wholesale resellers and referral affiliates can join the program to offer TrendSpider to their customers or audience.

TrendSpider has been recognized by Markets & Exchanges and is covering over 55,000+ assets, including Apple. The platform takes things one step further with its native Android and iPhone applications, making it easy to take TrendSpider with users wherever they go. Between that and the Chrome extension that allows traders to quickly pop up a live chart from TrendSpider anytime they come across a symbol on the web, TrendSpider helps traders automate their order execution with SignalStack automation tools that make it easy to connect strategy alerts to brokerage accounts without requiring any coding.

But TrendSpider isn't just about the features and tools—the platform promises traders a better trading experience with their Trader's Bill of Rights, a promise that stability and reliability won't be a concern. TrendSpider was ranked No. 130 among America's 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in 2022 by Inc. Magazine and was also named a 2021 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Winner—earning recognition for its unique range of tools and customization options that intermediate to advanced traders can use to enhance trading.

Overall, it's clear that TrendSpider is doing something very different and innovative in the crowded stock chart analysis software market. As traders ourselves, we recognize the importance of having access to the right tools for the job, and TrendSpider delivers. If you're a trader looking to take your skills and strategies to the next level, TrendSpider can help you get there.