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Jesse Zhang's website is a place for exploring and sharing cool stuff he experiments with. He founded Lowkey, a gaming startup that was acquired by Niantic, and now works on the Social team at Niantic. He also enjoys playing sports, board games, and video games and is involved in angel investing. Explore his projects on his website.

Jesse Zhang's website is a hub for exploring the cool stuff he experiments with and sharing the projects he's worked on. With a background in engineering and math, Jesse has been involved with some impressive companies such as Lowkey, a gaming startup that attracted backing from big names like Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator before being acquired by Niantic. Nowadays, he works on the Social team at Niantic. Jesse's website is an engaging place to discover his diverse interests, including playing basketball, tennis, board games, and video games. He also likes to invest in upcoming companies, and visitors to his website can explore his portfolio.

Jesse's website features various fun and creative projects he has worked on, such as Camel Up, a real-time multiplayer implementation of the popular game. Visitors can also check out Bananagrams, another popular game made into the multiplayer format. For those interested in finance, the financials visualizer provides an elegant app that visualizes the 3 main financial statements of any publicly-listed US equity, with an API currently only supporting annual 10-K data. Visitors can also check out Zero-Knowledge Mastermind, a demo of the popular game using Zero-Knowledge proofs. Another interesting project featured on Jesse's website is Voice-to-DALL-E, which is a simple app that converts speech into DALL-E images with a pretty UX to browse them.

Visitors can also check out NFT Lookup, which is a simple way to look up NFT collections on Ethereum and visually track what sorts of things people owned. Jesse's website is a hub where visitors can discover many creative projects and explore various interests he has shared on his website. Whether you're interested in games, finance, start-ups, or investing, you're sure to find something engaging on Jesse's website.