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Your modern coding superpower - Introducing Codeium

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Codeium is an AI code assistant with powerful autocomplete and intelligent search features that can boost your productivity and speed up product delivery. Try it for free today and level up your coding with our modern coding superpower.

Welcome to Codeium, your one-stop solution for all your coding needs. With our AI-powered autocomplete and intelligent search features, we empower developers to code faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our goal is to make coding easier and more accessible for everyone, from beginners to experts.

With Codeium, you can autocomplete your code faster than ever before, saving you time and helping you ship products faster. Our generative code is available on all your favorite IDEs, and we've trained models on 40+ of your favorite languages, with more languages and integrations coming every week.

We also offer an intelligent search feature that allows you to find files and code related to your intent without wrestling with clunky regexes anymore. Our AI search feature ensures you get the most accurate results, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, Codeium has something to offer you. Our free, online playground lets you try out our features without any sign-up required. And for those who want even more, we offer an individual free forever plan with unlimited autocomplete, natural language search, and support via Discord. Our enterprise plan is available for larger organizations, offering flexible deployments and self-hosting options.

At Codeium, we pride ourselves on offering best-in-class AI products for free without compromising your personal data. Our high-quality, secure AI tools help engineers to ship faster and more efficiently than ever before. Try Codeium for free today and discover your modern coding superpower.


How to use AI autocomplete in code?

Codeium's AI autocomplete feature can help you complete your code faster than ever before. To use it, simply install Codeium on your favorite IDE and start typing. Our generative code will suggest the most likely code to complete what you're trying to type. With Codeium, you can save time and boost your productivity, allowing you to ship products faster.