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Kadoa enables easy and accurate data extraction from any website or web app without writing any code. With its powerful API and integrations, Kadoa automates recurring data extraction, unblockable web scraping, and data updates. Popular use cases include turning websites into APIs, price monitoring, lead generation, market research, and more.

Kadoa is a powerful data extraction tool that helps organizations extract valuable data from any website or web app in seconds. With generative AI, Kadoa creates web scrapers and automates recurring data extraction without the need for writing any code. It is an ideal tool for companies looking to easily and accurately extract data without worrying about constantly changing data structures.

Kadoa offers a quick and easy setup process and ensures that the extracted data is accurate through multiple validation steps. Users can receive the data in any format through its powerful API and integrations, making it easy to access and use the extracted data in their own projects and tools.

Popular use cases for Kadoa include turning websites into APIs, price monitoring, job postings aggregation, lead generation, finance and investment, and market research. Kadoa works seamlessly with thousands of websites and web apps, unblocking even the most challenging sites with CAPTCHA and other blockers.

Kadoa's data extraction service has simplified the data collection process for many companies and organizations, making it easy to obtain the data they need, when they need it. With Kadoa, users no longer have to worry about managing developers or troubleshooting scraping issues.

Kadoa has helped many companies and businesses, such as Looria and ChatGPT Bot, to gather and analyze valuable data easily and quickly. Looria.com, a meta-review site, uses Kadoa's data extraction technology to gather millions of reviews, prices, and specs for the most popular products from different websites like Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, blogs, and more. ChatGPT Bot for r/BuyItForLife, on the other hand, is trained on over 100k r/BuyItForLife comments and posts to embody the collective knowledge of the BIFL community. The bot uses Kadoa to extract all posts and comments from r/BuyItForLife that date back up to three years ago.

Kadoa also offers an API that makes it easy for users to integrate the extracted data into their own tools and projects. To get in touch with Kadoa or learn more about the tool, users can email hello@kadoa.com.

Kadoa is dedicated to ensuring user privacy and follows strict terms and privacy policies to protect user data. With Kadoa, organizations can effortlessly extract the data they need without compromising privacy or accuracy.