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Zevi's AI-powered intent-focused search engine helps enterprises and Shopify users guide prospects toward conversion. A 30% conversion increase and a 2x search CTR! Get rid of irrelevant results and manual synonym mapping. With Zevi's neural search and spelling check, users engage more and spend more money.

Zevi is a leading provider of AI-driven search and discovery solutions that revolutionize the e-commerce industry. Their mission is to help businesses improve their outcomes by providing an intuitive and intent-focused search engine that guides prospects from discovery to conversion. With Zevi, enterprises and Shopify users can optimize their search functionality by leveraging real-time data and analytics that provide accurate and highly contextual results.

What sets Zevi apart from other search engines is their advanced neural search technology that uses natural language processing (NLP) to eliminate irrelevant search results. Traditional search engines rely on string matching, which limits their ability to understand complex spellings and doesn't account for misspellings and errors. Zevi's AI engine models synonyms and related keywords, eliminating the need for a manual layer that developers have to revisit often.

Zevi's search engine offers a 30% conversion jump and a 2x search CTR, targeting the user's intent to drive engagement and sales. By providing automated suggestions based on user signals, their search engine mimics the way users think and naturally discover new products. Zevi's search and discovery solution provides visibility into shifting search trends, customer buying patterns, interests, and search queries, making it easier for businesses to optimize their entire platform.

Zevi's easy-to-integrate search engine integrates seamlessly with leading CMS's and e-commerce platforms. They also offer detailed documentation and API to aid easy integration and setup, making it quick and effortless to get started with their platform. In addition, Zevi offers one-click dedicated support for all enquiries, ensuring their customers receive prompt and hassle-free customer service.

Zevi's app is highly recommended by their customers worldwide, with testimonials from Qatar, UK, India, Vietnam, Turkey, and more. Their app offers top-notch technology, is easy to understand and use, and offers full features to enhance their customer's website search capabilities.

In conclusion, Zevi offers a powerful search and discovery solution for businesses to boost engagement and sales. Their neural search technology offers a more natural and intuitive way for users to discover products, while their real-time data and analytics provide valuable insights for businesses to optimize their platform. Join Zevi's community today and naturally help your users discover your products in their most natural way.