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Buildt is an AI tool that enables developers to quickly search and comprehend large codebases. Its LLM-powered technology provides a better than human understanding of any codebase, making it easy to ask questions about your own project as if an expert was next to you, and removing complexity and adding automation for all developers.

Buildt is a game-changing AI tool for developers who need to search and understand large codebases. Developed by three friends who played with LLMs and building tools to make their own lives easier, Buildt is now a full product that aims to simplify complexity and add automation for all developers.

Engineers at companies like Stripe and Airbnb have to work with million-line codebases. Their biggest challenge is finding the information they need quickly and easily. But current code search tools only rely on string matches, making it hard to find what you want by describing the function vaguely.

That’s where Buildt comes in. By mapping your codebase with its fine-tuned LLM that they trained with proprietary synthetic data sets, Buildt’s AI has a better than human understanding of any codebase. As a result, you can ask questions about your own project as if an expert was next to you. With Buildt, you can quickly search and comprehend your codebase, making complex software development projects simpler and less time-consuming.

Buildt is easy to install, and it supports a variety of popular programming languages including Python, Java, Ruby, and more. To use Buildt, you simply install the tool and index your codebase. Any codebase analysis that Buildt performs is stored locally on your machine, ensuring a highly personalized and contextual experience.

At Buildt, they understand that the code you work on is the lifeblood of your company and must be kept safe and secure at all times. To that end, they promise to keep your code safe and secure on your machine, and to share only anonymized product usage data, never any sensitive or identifiable information.

Whether you’re a developer working with a large codebase, a tech lead wanting to improve your team’s productivity or a CTO looking to optimize development costs, Buildt can help quickly search and comprehend your codebase, saving you time and improving your software development practice.

So why not give Buildt a try? Subscribe to their updates and they will let you know when they support your favorite languages and new product features to try out.