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Code 10x faster with ChatGPT's VSCode Extension.

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Start generating, refactoring, debugging, and documenting code 10 times faster with ChatGPT's Windows95 inspired VSCode Extension. No credit card required. Get started for free now!

ChatGPT's VSCode Extension helps developers code 10 times faster with the power of AI. The Windows95 inspired extension allows developers to generate, refactor, debug, and document code with ease. With ChatGPT's contextual awareness, developers can generate high-quality code from any prompt. The AI also identifies performance bottlenecks and errors in the code, and suggests ways to optimize it. It explains intricate and convoluted code automatically, helping developers learn faster. The AI also reduces frustration and increases efficiency by finding and fixing errors in the code.

ChatGPT's VSCode Extension is secure and private. The code is never shared or used to train the AI model. The extension also allows developers to generate detailed documentation in just a few clicks.

The pricing plans are affordable and offer a 10k token free trial, with no credit card required. The developers can subscribe to the monthly or yearly plans, depending on their requirements. Students can get a special plan with our fine-tuned GPT3 Code Model. ChatGPT's VSCode extension offers AI Code Generation, AI Code Documentation, AI Code Refactor, and AI Code Debug features.

The Frequently Asked Questions section answers queries related to the extension, such as offering a free trial, natural-language-to-code, and what's next for GPT95. The webpage also provides information about the company, its product, documentation, and legal terms of service and privacy policy.

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