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Safurai is the ultimate AI coding assistant that helps developers change, optimize, and search code 10x faster, safer, and easier. Get Safurai for free and experience intelligent coding.

Safurai is a revolutionary AI coding assistant designed to save developers time and effort when working on their projects. It is a smart, intuitive tool that can help you change, optimize, and search code at lightning speed. With Safurai, developers can reduce their coding time by as much as 10 times while improving code safety and quality.

The AI coding assistant is a product of Green Games, an Italian tech company dedicated to providing innovative software solutions. Safurai is currently in Beta and is available for free for everyone to try out. This AI tool is compatible with various IDEs, and currently, it supports VS Code and will soon integrate with VStudio, IntelliJ, PyCharm, and Rider.

What makes Safurai unique is its ability to learn from its users, making it a highly accurate coding assistant. The tool can be trained on a particular project to provide customized responses and recommendations.

One of Safurai's flagship features is the Textbox, which enables developers to request information, advice, and ideas enriched with generated code. The Shortcuts feature allows developers to highlight their code and ask for explanations, optimizations, or unit tests.

Another innovative feature of Safurai is its Super Search function. Developers can use natural language to search their projects and find what they're looking for quickly. This feature saves time and effort, especially when working on complex projects that involve multiple files and lines of code.

Safurai is a safe and reliable tool that ensures code remains secure while making developers' work a lot easier. It is designed to prevent errors and other pitfalls that can creep into code, improving its quality and safety. Safurai adheres to stringent privacy policies and is fully committed to protecting user data.

Safurai is truly a game-changer in the world of coding, providing developers with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and safety. It's the ultimate AI coding assistant that helps developers, make coding faster, safer, and better. Join Safurai's growing community of developers today and experience the future of coding!