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Revolutionize Your Remote Videos with AI-powered Roll.

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Create stunning remote videos, podcasts, and webinars with Roll's AI-powered platform. Get a sophisticated studio look without the cost of setup, and record cinema-quality video calls with just your phone. Perfectly framed shots, automatic lighting detection, and special effects make Roll the ultimate video creation tool for businesses and content creators.

Remote videos have become a necessity in the age of social distancing, but creating high-quality videos remotely has never been easy. Until now. Roll, the AI-powered studio-quality video production platform, is revolutionizing remote video creation. With just your phone, you can capture cinema-quality video calls, add special effects, and edit and publish in minutes.

Roll offers a sophisticated studio look without the cost of setup and expensive equipment. Its powerful AI platform lets you create stunning remote videos, podcasts, and webinars with ease. You don't need to be a video production expert to create professional-grade videos that engage viewers and drive results.

Roll's AI technology automatically detects lighting and creates perfectly framed shots, ensuring you always get the perfect shot. The platform features body rect sensing technology that automatically adjusts to the best light every time, giving your videos a professional and polished look.

Roll is more than just a video creation tool. It's a game-changing way to create remote videos that will lead to a step change in remote video production. You can record multicam tight and wide shots with just one phone, and the HEVC technology offers the best image quality at half the file size. You can even use pan, dolly, and crane without the need for external gear.

Roll is not just for businesses. Content creators and influencers can also leverage the platform to create amazing videos that boost engagement and improve watch time. Tamania J., a content creator and podcaster, says, "Our videos on Roll are amazing! The amount of time this app saves, not to mention produce amazing quality without investing in the equipment. Our YouTube watch time has noticeably increased. We are retaining people for longer, which is really, really good."

Roll has also received high praise from industry experts, like Abdul R., SVP of IMAX Corporation and Emmy-Award Winner for Video Quality Ratings. He says, "I evaluate video quality with top Hollywood Studios. I am amazed at the quality Roll gets with just an iPhone. I believe Roll will lead to a step change in remote video production, enabling broadcast-level video quality on a wider scale. Higher quality content means more viewer engagement and better returns for businesses and content creators."

Roll is the future of video production, powered by AI. Try it now and see for yourself how it can revolutionize your remote videos and drive better results for your business.