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CAPTURELAB auto-detects your best gaming moments with AI!

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Capturelabs auto fetches your streams whether you stream 5 or 36 hours. Our state of the art AI will auto process your streams and find the best gaming moments in real time! Edit, connect and share your reels on all social media channels.

Capturelab is a powerful tool for gamers looking to grow their channels and showcase their best moments. Our advanced AI technology automatically processes streams in real time, identifying and highlighting the most exciting and memorable moments. Whether you stream for 5 or 36 hours, Capturelab makes it easy to edit, connect, and share your video reels on all social media channels. And the best part? It's completely free to use, simply connect your Twitch account and let us do the rest. With Capturelab, you can effortlessly capture and share the best gaming moments with your audience.