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Say Hello to Captions: The All-in-One AI Powered Creator Studio.

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Captions is the only camera and editing app that automatically transcribes, captions, and clips your talking videos for you. With one tap, you can record a video up to one minute long or in short segments, and Captions will magically caption your words on the screen super accurately and timed to your voice.

Captions is a revolutionary camera and editing app that has broken the barrier for content creators who desire an all-in-one solution to creating captivating and professional-looking videos. Captions is powered by Artificial Intelligence and allows users to record a video and add captions to it with just one tap. What makes Captions stand out is its unique ability to caption your words magically on the screen, with up to 95% accuracy, and timed to your voice. Captions can record videos up to one minute long or in short segments, and its built-in editor automatically cuts out dead space and stitches clips together into one seamless video.

With Captions, customization is effortless. The app lets users change the color and style of their captions, move them around, and turn on word-activated stickers, providing endless creative possibilities. Captions' user-friendly interface allows creators to produce high-quality videos without having to spend hours editing, and the app does not compromise the quality of the footage.

Captions also supports multiple languages, making the app accessible to content creators worldwide. It supports every language in the world, including the world's most rare languages, and adds integrated captions to your videos, regardless of the language you recorded them in.

To make video scripting easier for creators, Captions offers an AI-powered script writer assistant that generates smart tips based on the audience and category the video is being created for. The app also offers an AI-powered creative engine for generating new ideas for your next video, breaking the obstacle of creator's block.

Captions also features an innovative lip-dubbing feature, which allows users to adjust their subtitles if they make a mistake or change their mind without having to re-record the entire video. This saves time and effort, allowing for a better and more seamless production process.

For creators who need natural-looking eye contact during their recordings, Captions' eye contact feature is designed to create a more intimate connection by allowing users to adjust their video after recording, making it appear as though they are making direct eye contact with their audience.

Captions also offers a cross-app teleprompter feature, allowing creators to display their scripts right where they need them and use the teleprompter feature in all video apps. The app also offers spatial audio, using AI-powered background noise removal and dynamic head-tracking to create a realistic, surround-sound experience for your audience.

Captions' creative tools are designed to make videos pop. The app offers a wide array of customization options, including the ability to change colors and text styles and drag captions around to create the desired effect. Captions also features a built-in editor that trims out "ums" and awkward pauses to ensure videos are ready to share.

Captions is a game-changer for content creators. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows creators to focus on producing high-quality content rather than being bogged down by complex editing tools. Captions supports the largest range of languages and accents of any captioning app, making it inclusive and accessible for all voices. If you're looking for an all-in-one AI-powered creator studio, Captions is the perfect choice. Download Captions now and join the thousands of satisfied users who have revolutionized their video production process with this innovative app.