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Get instant, personalized meal plans with Prospre. Create meal plans that match your calorie and macro goals, track everything you eat, fit in treats, customize your meal plan, and get automatic grocery lists with Prospre's meal plan generator.

Prospre is a simple and effective meal plan generator designed to make macro-based dieting easier. With Prospre's meal plan generator, you can set your daily calorie and macro goals, add your food preferences, and create a custom diet plan that works for you. The app includes an automated grocery list, barcode scanner, and a database that tracks over 150 nutrients for 300,000+ food items. Prospre also offers an AI Coach that analyzes your weight progress and food consumption to deliver actionable insights and diet suggestions.

Prospre's meal plan generator is easy to use and customizable. You can choose the recipes that you want in your diet plan or add your own, schedule meals that you eat often, input your allergies, and set ranges for your macros. Once your meal plan is ready, you can use the app's barcode scanner to track everything you eat or scan them into their database using Prospre's nutrition fact scanner. The app will automatically calculate how many calories and macros you have left for the day and suggest meals and snacks that fit your diet plan.

The app is perfect for fitness newbies or well-trained athletes, alike. It keeps you motivated and accountable to your goals with a macro tracker and weight progress graphs. Being able to "check off" what you’ve eaten that day keeps you on track with your diet and helps you learn how to properly fuel your body. Prospre's meal plan generator is also flexible, so you can always adjust your diet plan to be sure you enjoy what you eat. You can even "Fit Into Plan" to automatically adjust your plan to fit in a treat while still hitting your macros.

Prospre's meal plan generator has received a 4.8/5 rating on the App Store. Users rave about how easy it is to plan their day-to-day meals and how much the app has helped them with their cutting and bulking efforts. Prospre was created with the goal of making macro-based dieting easier and more enjoyable than just eating chicken, broccoli, and rice every day. With Prospre's meal plan generator, you can achieve your health and fitness goals without sacrificing taste, variety, or convenience.