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PracticeTalking allows you to have fun or educational conversations, as well as practice important ones before they happen. With pre-trained AIs or creating your own, you can talk to anyone from historical figures to your favorite celebrities. Get feedback to nail job interviews or college admissions chats. Login now to start talking!

PracticeTalking is changing the way people interact with AI. With their platform, users can talk to anyone - from their favorite celebrity to a historical figure - and get feedback to improve their conversation skills. Whether it's nailing a job interview or college admissions chat, PracticeTalking is there to help. Users can choose from pre-trained AIs or create their own, share them with the community, and get feedback. The platform is designed to be fun and educational, helping users practice anything from small talk to diving deep into complex topics. Best of all, the user-friendly interface makes conversation accessible to all. So why wait? Login now to start talking!