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OpExams is a free AI-powered question generator that allows you to create multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, and open questions from any text. With over 500,000 generated questions last month, OpExams offers detailed and contextual options by topic to cater to your needs. Save generated questions and use them in your exams. Start generating now, subscriptions start at $0.00.

OpExams, a free AI-powered tool, allows users to generate exam questions from any text in a matter of minutes. The platform offers multiple question types, including multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, and open questions. With over 500,000 questions generated last month alone, OpExams provides detailed and contextual options by topic, making it an ideal tool for educators and students alike. Users can save generated questions and use them in their exams. Subscriptions are available starting from free up to $25.00, and include features such as unlimited generations, sharing quizzes with unlimited users, and extensive question collections.

OpExams' intuitive interface makes generating questions seamless with just a few clicks. The tool also offers a 'Quiz Me' feature, where users can test their knowledge on a chosen topic, using the generated questions. With the added feature of printed collections and the ability to export questions to Excel, OpExams streamlines the examination process for educators and students alike.

OpExams' resources section offers valuable content, including becoming an affiliate, roadmap, contact us, and a robust help center.

As a subscriber to OpExams, users can access additional features, such as question generation and quiz generation histories, multiple question collections, and embedded quizzes. The subscription model starts at $0.00 and goes up to $25.00 for a quarterly plan.

At OpExams, student success is paramount. That's why they offer embedded quizzes, which can be placed on the user's website, making learning a seamless and cohesive experience for students. Subscribers also receive regular newsletters of education tips, new features, product releases, and more.

In conclusion, OpExams offers educators and students an efficient and effortless tool for generating exam questions. With its contextual options by topic, multiple question types, and comprehensive subscription plans, OpExams optimizes education assessments for students' success.