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"Detect AI-generated content with ease using GPTZero."

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GPTZero is the world's number one AI detector, trusted by over a million users to detect whether content is human-generated, AI-generated, or a combination of both. With simple batch uploads, highlighted portions, and plagiarism scores, GPTZero is the go-to service for anyone looking to ensure the authenticity of their content.

GPTZero is an AI detection tool that has been designed to help users detect AI-generated content with ease. Whether you're a teacher trying to ensure that your students are submitting original content, or a writer trying to maintain the integrity of your work, GPTZero is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your goal.

What sets GPTZero apart from other AI detection tools is its simplicity and accuracy. With over a million users, GPTZero is the world's number one AI detector, and for good reason. It is incredibly easy to use, with simple batch uploads and highlighted portions that make it easy to identify which sections of content are AI-generated. GPTZero also provides plagiarism scores, giving users a holistic view of how much of a document is written by AI.

One of the key benefits of using GPTZero is its suitability for educators. GPTZeroX is a special feature designed specifically for educators, providing them with a tool that can help them identify instances of plagiarism in their students' work. The tool provides a holistic score for how much of a document is written by AI, making it easy for teachers to identify instances of cheating.

GPTZero also offers premium features that are designed to provide even more accurate results. For organizations, GPTZero's API is easy to use and can be customized to suit specific requirements. The API documentation is available on the website, and the GPTZero team is available to provide setup and integration support for those who need it.

At GPTZero, the team is committed to building a community of users who can collaborate to improve the tool for educators everywhere. The website features a blog, FAQ, and team page, giving users access to informative content about AI detection and the latest developments in the field.

In summary, GPTZero is the go-to tool for anyone looking to ensure the authenticity of their content. It is trusted by over a million users worldwide, and its accuracy and simplicity make it an essential tool for educators, writers, and anyone else looking to ensure that their content is original and free from AI-generated content. By using GPTZero, users can be confident that they are staying ahead of the curve when it comes to AI detection.