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Instant Feedback for Auto-Graded Speaking Assignments in 100+ Languages.

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Speakable is a platform for creating speaking assignments that are auto-graded in over 100 languages. It is designed to ease the burden of grading hours of recordings so that teachers can focus on teaching. With Speakable, students receive instant feedback on their pronunciation and grammar, making it an effective tool for language learning.

Speakable is a web application that allows language teachers to create auto-graded speaking assignments. The platform offers a diverse range of features that enable teachers to create custom assignments in over 100 languages. With Speakable, teachers can easily assign speaking practice to their students and receive instant feedback on their pronunciation and grammar.

Creating assignments on the platform is easy. The flexible builder allows teachers to add pictures, voice recordings, custom translations, and more so that students can practice using new grammar concepts, learn new vocabulary, and develop a clear accent they feel confident using. Speakable offers assignments for different language skills, including pronunciation, new vocabulary, ear training, and grammar practice.

One of the key features of Speakable is the automated grading system. As students complete their assignments, grades are automatically updated in the grade book. The platform also provides feedback on the target language speech, enabling students to identify mistakes and work on improving their speaking skills. Teachers can use feedback messenger and grade book analytics to help students when and where they need it most. Speakable also has native integration with Google Classroom, allowing teachers to import sections and sync assignment grades.

Speakable is trusted by second-language teachers, and many have found it to be an effective tool for auto-grading speaking assignments. "So far, I have found Speakable to be easy to use by both teachers and students. Being able to customize the vocab assignments is valuable for adapting to student needs and abilities. It's especially useful for teachers who use Quizlet or Google Classroom. With Speakable, I can personally evaluate all students in my class (and they can evaluate themselves too)," says Michael Spencer World Languages Lead, HBHS.

The platform also has a global library that is home to over 1,000 sets of words, phrases, and sentences created by second-language teachers. This saves time for teachers who want to use assignments created by peers and colleagues.

In conclusion, Speakable is an innovative platform that makes assigning and grading speaking practice easy for language teachers. With its automated grading system and instant feedback on pronunciation and grammar, Speakable is an effective tool for language learning. With over 100 languages supported and a diverse range of features, Speakable is a go-to platform for creating auto-graded speaking assignments.