Connecting You with ChatGPT Wherever You Are, via SMS!

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GPT SMS is an innovative project that facilitates interaction with ChatGPT's AI assistant through SMS. This service enhances accessibility, especially for those without internet access, by providing an SMS method for users. Designed with the capabilities of OpenAI, GPT SMS is an advanced and reliable system that is easy to use and available wherever you are.

GPT SMS is a unique and innovative project that aims to connect users with the AI assistant, ChatGPT, wherever they are, via SMS. By harnessing the power of OpenAI, GPT SMS enhances accessibility to AI services, especially for those who do not have access to the internet. This is made possible by providing an SMS method for users to interact with ChatGPT's AI assistant, which makes the service available to a broader audience, regardless of their device or internet access.

GPT SMS is still under development, with new features and improvements being implemented regularly. Therefore, the platform may experience disruption occasionally. However, the team behind GPT SMS is working hard to ensure that it remains reliable and available to all users whenever possible.

Currently, GPT SMS has one dedicated phone number for use in France. However, the project aims to expand its coverage by providing additional phone numbers to use in various regions. This expansion would make the project more accessible and user-friendly, and users can expect updates as progress is made.

To support the project, interested parties may contribute to its development financially. By funding GPT SMS, users can help maintain and improve infrastructure, expand coverage by adding more phone numbers, and further develop the platform for better services. Additionally, the team behind the project provides email contact and a GitHub repository to keep users updated on advancements and changes.

In conclusion, GPT SMS is an innovative project that enables users to interact with ChatGPT's AI assistant through SMS and enhances accessibility to AI services greatly. With its advanced use of OpenAI technology, this reliable and user-friendly system is available to everyone, regardless of device or internet access. By supporting GPT SMS's development, users can help make AI services more accessible and user-friendly in the ever-evolving technological landscape.