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Empower Your Software Development with Exo's Virtual Exoskeleton.

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Exo is the ultimate virtual exoskeleton for software development that uses AI-powered LLM agents to streamline codebase-wide tasks. It is a user-friendly electron app that indexes and searches your entire codebase, generates custom config files, and learns your preferred programming style and frameworks.

Exo is a virtual exoskeleton that revolutionizes software development. By utilizing the power of AI and linguistic intelligence, Exo's LLM agents offer a seamless experience for developers to complete codebase-wide tasks efficiently. Its standalone electron app reads and writes code directly to your repositories, providing a conversational UI that allows engineers to navigate the app with ease.

When it comes to developing software, a lot of time and effort goes into repetitive tasks such as testing and searching code snippets. Fortunately, Exo's LLM embeddings come to the rescue, indexing your entire codebase for quick searches by code snippet or code explanation. No longer will you have to waste hours searching through code - Exo offers powerful search options that allow you to find the code you need in seconds.

But it doesn't end there. Exo also builds a custom config file for your codebase and learns your programming style, testing frameworks, and more. This means that it can execute codebase-wide tasks with its LLM agents, allowing you to save time and increase productivity. Need to run a test for a group of files or the entire repo? Exo can do it all.

Exo's intuitive user experience extends to its pricing model as well. It offers a free plan that includes five agents and one repo indexed. Additionally, when you sign up, you get $20 of LLM credits. However, if you need more, Exo's Pro Plan offers multiple agents and repos, up to 20 LLM agents, and up to five repos indexed. The Pro Plan is only $33 per month.

Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting, Exo can help you streamline your coding process. With its virtual exoskeleton and LLM agents, it's the ultimate tool for software development. To learn more about Exo, check out our initial launch on Hacker News or our demo videos on Twitter.