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Enhance your user inputs with AI-powered Autocomplete.

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EnhanceAI offers AI-powered forms, surveys and text inputs that can be easily integrated into any website to improve the user experience.

EnhanceAI is an innovative tool that provides AI-powered forms, surveys, and text inputs for websites. With its powerful API, EnhanceAI integrates with any GPT model to enhance the user's experience in just two minutes. Its flexible and intelligent AI understands the context of the user and provides customizable prompts through the context option. EnhanceAI is compatible with all major no-code tools and UI frameworks. The tool also comes with a free tier for the first 100K tokens, with paid options available for heavier usage. The company provides reliable and fast support, customization features and analytics for users. EnhanceAI also plans on introducing semantic search and custom chatbots in the future.