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Ace your AP® Exams with DeAP Lab AI Tutoring powered by Heimler's History.

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DeAP Learning Lab offers AI-powered tutoring tools created in partnership with Heimler's History to help students confidently prepare for and ace their AP® History exams. From talking textbooks to essay tutoring and feedback, DeAP Lab's innovative tools are designed to make learning history content and essay writing skills easy and fun.

Welcome to the DeAP Lab Learning Revolution! DeAP Learning is a leading online platform that offers AI-powered tutoring tools developed in collaboration with Heimler's History to help students prepare confidently for their AP® History exams. Learning the content and developing essay writing skills required to succeed in history classes and pass these exams can be challenging. With this in mind, DeAP Lab is committed to providing students with innovative and effective tools that help them overcome these challenges.

One of the key features of DeAP Lab is its partnership with Heimler's History to create AI-powered tools that make learning easier and more fun. These tools include talking textbooks, essay tutoring and feedback, as well as AskHeimler! platform which uses the general knowledge of AI and the style of Heimler to make learning anything easy.

DeAP Learning has also launched a fundraiser called Support Us, where anyone can sponsor 1500+ questions with a $5 donation to answer one million AP questions for free. With the support of Heimler's History and the donations it has received so far, DeAP Learning has raised enough money to answer 250k AP questions, and aims to answer another 1 million questions for free, but it needs the help of the wider community to achieve this goal.

For students, DeAP Learning has a range of exciting, new courses coming up such as English AP Language and Composition®, AP Literature and Composition®, Science & Social Studies, AP Macroeconomics®, AP Government and Politics®, and AP Environmental Science®. All of these courses come with improved graders including DBQ graders, Skill Builders to work on specific skills like thesis writing and document analysis, and Course Guides to help students work through their course with a guide that keeps track of where they are and helps them automatically.

DeAP Lab also offers new teacher tools to help educators better support their students, such as Class Chats that allow teachers to link their course to DeAP Lab's AI-powered bots to help students with homework, studying, and more. Class Assistants are also available to help build tests, workshops, and materials for their students. DeAP Lab's innovative "First Eyes" Grader can also scan essays for obvious mistakes or points where a student meets certain criteria, making it easier to grade and provide feedback on written papers.

Stay updated on new tools or join the DeAP Learning team by contacting us. Advanced Placement® and AP® are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, and DeAP Learning Lab is in no way affiliated with College Board. Copyright DeAP Learning Lab 2023.