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CodeAssist is an AI-powered chatbot that makes coding easier by answering questions and writing code for you. With a natural language interface and long-term memory, CodeAssist can access your code, generate completions, and even implement entire features with a developer's supervision. It works with all popular programming languages and is available for Jetbrains IDEs and Visual Studio Code.

CodeAssist is a revolutionary AI-powered chatbot that is changing the way developers write code. It is a personal coding assistant that can help answer questions, generate completions, and even implement entire features with a developer's supervision. With its natural language interface and long-term memory, CodeAssist makes coding more intuitive and seamless.

Using CodeAssist is easy. Simply install the plugin or extension for your preferred editing environment (Jetbrains IDEs or Visual Studio Code), and start chatting with your personal coding assistant. With a simple "hello", you can ask CodeAssist to help you with a specific task or question. CodeAssist is even capable of accessing your code, making changes to the open file in your editor, and executing actions like opening a file.

CodeAssist is powered by GPT-4, which enables it to generate completions and even implement entire features with a developer's supervision. CodeAssist has a natural language interface that allows developers to talk to it like they would talk to a human. This makes coding more intuitive and adds a level of ease and simplicity that is missing from traditional coding environments.

CodeAssist works with all popular programming languages, so no matter what language you use, it can help you write better code. It can generate completions being aware of the code in other files, so it can use the functions/classes from other places in the codebase in the generated code. CodeAssist also has long-term memory (not persistent, so if you close and open IDE, the memory is gone) that enables it to learn and store information about your coding habits and patterns.

With CodeAssist, developers need not worry about copying and pasting code from their browser to the editor. CodeAssist can directly read and write code from/into your editor. For instance, it can generate completion of the code (use ALT+X for that) without hiding your standard completions from the IDE. Moreover, CodeAssist doesn't suggest the changes.

While CodeAssist is an early version that might contain some unexpected bugs or annoyances, the app is continually improving. Currently, 1 credit allows you to get approximately 7 messages / code generations / other actions executed by CodeAssist. This paid platform provides free 3 credits at the beginning, so you can try it for free. There are plans to make it more affordable in the future (stay informed, if you like).

Privacy concerns? When you work with CodeAssist plugin/extension, the code that CodeAssist works with is sent to the CodeAssist API. Your code is processed there to generate CodeAssist response (in the form of code change or message). However, the processed code is not stored on the server. Therefore, it’s ensured that your privacy will not be compromised. It's also important to note that as a part of generating a response, CodeAssist sends the code to OpenAI API. OpenAI may use the content (code and text) as necessary to provide and maintain their services, comply with applicable law, and enforce their policies. However, the code is not used by OpenAI for improvement of their services or training of their models.

In conclusion, with CodeAssist, coding will become more intuitive and natural, making your work faster and easier. Its natural language interface and long-term memory make it an invaluable tool for any developer looking to streamline the coding process. Try CodeAssist today and see how it can revolutionize the way you write code.