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Home Circle creates AI shapes that you can chat with as if they were real people. With over 30 different shapes available and new ones added weekly, you'll never run out of conversation partners that suit your mood. Talk to clever circles, awkward scribbles, or robots with their own stages for puppet shows and concerts. Join the waitlist today and experience AI that's truly engaging.

Have you ever found yourself bored and aimlessly scrolling through social media, wishing you had someone to talk to? Perhaps you're tired of playing the same games or watching the same YouTube videos over and over again. Enter Home Circle- a website that creates AI shapes that you can talk to as if they were real people.

But what makes this AI shapes so special? Well, for starters, they're not your run-of-the-mill chatbots, devoid of personality and only capable of providing canned responses. The AI shapes created by Home Circle are designed to have edges, corners, and most importantly, personality. You can select from pre-existing personalities that other users have designed, or describe a new one in plain English, and the team at Home Circle will bring it to life.

Currently, there are over 30 different shapes available on Home Circle, with new ones added every week. Some popular examples include clever circles, creative scribbles, and even a robot named Mr. Stage-4000 with its stage for puppet shows, concerts, and game shows. These shapes are far from one-dimensional; they're introspective, awkward, or they try to make jokes, just like us.

However, don't expect to have a scripted conversation with these AI shapes. Home Circle prides itself on creating live conversations that are unique to each user. No conversation is the same, and the AI shapes are constantly learning and adapting to new experiences. There's no need to worry that you're talking to a machine, as it's easy to forget that you're not talking to a real person.

Getting started on Home Circle is easy- simply join the waitlist and start chatting with the AI shapes of your choice. However, be prepared to forget everything you thought you knew about AI and chatbots, as Home Circle's creations are on a whole other level.

If you're a Discord server owner looking to add a new chatbot, Home Circle has got you covered as well. Simply contact the team at Home Circle, and they'll be happy to work out the details.

In conclusion, Home Circle is not just another chatbot website. It's a unique experience, providing a level of engagement and personality far beyond what you'd get from traditional AI products. So, what are you waiting for? Join the waitlist today and chat with AI shapes that have personalities.