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Elevate your story with unique AI-generated music

Last Updated: is an AI music generation platform that creates unique mood-based music for videos, podcasts, and more. With a variety of genres and moods to choose from, users can easily customize the length, instruments, and more to create the perfect soundtrack for their content. is a must-have tool for any content creator looking to elevate their work with unique, customizable music. This AI music generation platform uses advanced techniques to compose music that perfectly matches the mood of your video, podcast, or other content. With a variety of genres and moods to choose from, users can easily create customizable royalty-free music that is sure to grab their audience's attention.

The platform's interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Simply pick a genre or style, upload a video/podcast, or start with a track of your own, and choose from 16 different moods to match the mood of the content. Users can make multiple cuts to add different moods and choose the correct mood for each of those cuts, ensuring that the music perfectly fits the tone of each section.

Once users have created their customized music, they can easily download the produced track as a production-ready, industry-standard mixed, and mastered audio file. Additionally, they can customize the length, genre, mood, and instruments to create their music tracks with unlimited customization options. is perfect for a variety of different content creators, including agency/production houses, YouTube creators, podcasters, indie game developers, audiobook publishers, and web3/metaverse companies. It allows them to create customized music that perfectly matches the mood of their content while saving them the time, money, and headache of editing and licensing music.

Users have complete control over selecting the music and are granted a perpetual license for usage of the soundtracks on their choice of use case. The users retain all the copyrights for the musical works created on Beatoven.

Overall, is incredibly innovative and ambitious, and the biggest advantage is that it provides Indian tracks. The platform allows content creators to make a real impact with their videos, podcasts, and other content, by providing them with unique, customizable royalty-free music. Sign up now to boost your content's impact with tailor-made music.