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Boomy AI allows you to make original songs in seconds, even if you have never made music before. You can create generative music and share it with the world by submitting your songs to streaming platforms and get paid when people listen.

Boomy Corporation presents Boomy AI as a revolutionary platform for music creators with no prerequisites. Boomy AI allows users to create original songs in seconds, regardless of whether they have any experience in music production. Boomy AI uses a generative music algorithm that enables the user to add various elements, including beats, tempo, genres, and even instruments to make a complete and original song.

Boomy AI is a platform that bridges the gap between creativity and technology. The user can submit their song to different streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, and earn revenue based on the number of times their song is played. Boomy Corporation's community is composed of talented and inspiring people all around the world who share music that they have created via Boomy AI. The platform is versatile and provides numerous options to craft one's music style.

One of the most captivating features of Boomy AI is that it has a comprehensive library of features for music creators. The library features four different types of generative music: Boomy EDM, Boomy Ambient, Boomy LoFi, and Boomycore. Each type of generative music has a unique sound and texture. Boomy AI's user-friendly platform allows you to browse through thousands of music collections created using Boomy AI.

The platform also supports community engagement features like playlists, and users can browse playlists created by other users or create their playlist to share with a global community. Users can keep up-to-date with the latest tracks created using Boomy AI by visiting the Featured releases and Featured Playlists sections.

Boomy AI helps music creators to unleash their creative potential by providing them with efficient tools and resources. It has helped users create 0 songs which dominate around 0% of the world's recorded music. Boomy Corporation promises its users that it's just the beginning, and there is more to come soon.

Overall, Boomy AI's innovative and groundbreaking technology empowers not only experts but also novices to create original music effortlessly. Boomy AI is also an unprecedented platform that allows talented individuals worldwide to share their creatives and inspire others. If you're enthusiastic about music, Boomy AI is a platform worth joining.