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Transform Audio into Sheet Music using AI with AnthemScore 4

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AnthemScore 4 is a powerful software that uses AI to automatically convert audio files into sheet music or guitar tab. It's an efficient tool that saves time and is available for Windows, Mac, or Linux with a free 30-day trial.

AnthemScore 4 is an innovative music transcription software that makes it easy to transform audio recordings into sheet music or guitar tab. Using AI and machine learning, the software can automatically detect notes and arrange them into measures, saving users valuable time and effort. With AnthemScore 4, there is no subscription required, users can buy the software once and use it forever on their PC for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The software's key feature highlights include automatic note detection followed by easy correction. The intelligent software arranges notes into measures effortlessly using machine learning, and it even allows users to drag a slider and select from the most likely candidate notes available. Furthermore, users can select the specific area they want to fine-tune and add or remove single notes by right-clicking.

AnthemScore 4 saves time by allowing users to copy and paste sections of notes, tap downbeats as they listen to set measures, and slow down playback without changing the pitch in difficult sections. The software has a variety of instruments to choose from to auto-format sheet music in the correct key, range, and staff, and users can also choose between standard sheet music or tablature.

The advanced editing options provided by AnthemScore 4 make it easy to tweak transcriptions. Users can change the time signature, key signature, or tempo for any measure in the song, add triplets, insert or remove measures, and double or halve the number of beats. The software provides an extensive range of customization features, including saving files as PDF, musicXML, or MIDI.

AnthemScore 4 provides a free 30-day trial for users to explore the software's full set of features without needing any account or payment information. After the trial, users can purchase the program and paste their activation key to use the software forever. The trial by default works as the AnthemScore Professional edition, but users can switch between editions freely during the trial to see the differences between them.

AnthemScore 4 comes in three editions: Lite, Professional, and Studio. The Lite edition features automatic transcription of songs, the ability to view, save, and print sheet music, and one year of free software updates. On the other hand, the Professional edition provides all the Lite edition features along with a spectrogram display, note editing, audio playback, and a keyboard and timeline view. Additionally, the Studio edition provides all the Professional edition features, lifetime free software updates, and priority support for customer requests.

AnthemScore 4 is a revolutionizing software that uses AI to simplify the process of transforming audio files into sheet music or guitar tab. Its advanced editing options, advanced note correction, customization features, and hassle-free experience make it a reliable pick for music enthusiasts and professionals alike.