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What A Prompt is the ultimate tool for generating creative and enhanced prompts to achieve the best ChatGPT results. With just a few clicks, select your prompt enhancer method, type in your prompt, and hit generate! Join our community and log in to continue using our AI tools.

Freshly.Ai is a newly launched website that aims to exhibit the latest artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities while providing resources and inspiration to the AI community. One of their exciting tools is What A Prompt - the ultimate platform for creative prompt generation that enhances your ChatGPT results. What A Prompt makes it easy for users to get the best prompts by selecting their prompt enhancer method, typing in their prompt, and clicking generate. It is perfect for anyone looking to unlock their creativity and produce high-quality results. This innovative platform offers four different settings to choose from: prompt enhancer, sci-enhancer, MaxVisual, and VisDistort. Each has a unique way of enhancing the prompt and may be suitable for different prompt requirements such as visuals or scientific prompts. For those looking for a crazier perspective, they can use the Prompt_Wolfe setting. What A Prompt is designed as a quick, easy-to-use platform, making it ideal for anyone who wants to improve their writing or output. Users have the option to join the Freshly.Ai community to have full access to all AI tools, including What A Prompt. The website also provides access to the Prompt Museum, a collection of creative prompts. With the aim to provide resources and inspiration, Freshly.Ai is an ideal destination for AI enthusiasts, AI learners, and anyone who needs support in generating exceptional prompts.