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Turn your videos into text-based content with ease on Type Studio.

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Type Studio is a web-based video editor that offers automatic transcription of video content. With its speech recognition software, users can convert a video's audio into text in multiple languages and formats, repurpose their content, improve SEO, and increase accessibility.

Type Studio is an innovative web-based video editing tool that offers users an easy way to transcribe their videos automatically. With Type Studio, you can convert a video's audio into text in multiple languages and formats, making it easier to repurpose content, improve SEO, and increase accessibility.

Whether you're a filmmaker, online teacher, or social media influencer, Type Studio makes sure your videos are easy to understand and access for a wider range of people. With just a few clicks, you can upload your video as an .mp4 or .mov file and the speech recognition software will automatically transcribe your recording. Type Studio enables you to copy and paste your transcript to the clipboard, download it as a .srt, .vtt, or .txt file, or even translate your transcript into over 30 different languages, making your content accessible to people all around the globe.

One of the major advantages of using Type Studio is how easy it is to repurpose your video content into different pieces of content, and generate more content. The repurposing feature allows video content creators to turn their videos into standalone highlights, articles, or subtitled content, helping to leverage their media marketing. By turning your videos into text, you can build once and sell twice, creating summaries, show notes, or blog posts as effortlessly as you can with video content.

Text-based editing makes it easy to edit your transcribed text before you share it via mail or on your website. Type Studio is not just limited to transcribing your videos, but also offers extensive text-based video editing tools that allow you to change the transcript to edit your video.

For those interested in improving their SEO, publishing the transcript of your videos helps you to increase your visibility on search engines. Providing a podcast transcript is especially rich with SEO opportunities. By transcribing your video content, you are able to search your content and quickly find the best parts from your tutorials, Zoom recordings, or lectures.

Type Studio is trusted by over 80,000 creators and companies, making it a go-to tool for video editing, sharing, and repurposing. Online influencers, educators, coaches, journalists, or consultants can all benefit from Type Studio's seamless functionality.

In conclusion, Type Studio saves you valuable time and effort by making the process of converting your video to text and repurposing content simple and efficient. With Type Studio, you can easily convert, edit, and share your video content with others, all while improving the accessibility and SEO of your content.