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Power Your AI Apps with Trudo - the No-Code Platform for Fine-Tuning OpenAI GPT3 Models.

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Trudo makes it easy for technical and non-technical individuals to fine-tune GPT3 models and build AI-powered applications without the need for coding knowledge. With an intuitive user interface, Trudo simplifies the fine-tuning process and offers an affordable way to enhance your apps with memory and ChatGPT. Join Trudo today to automate your business and take it to the next level with AI.

Are you looking to automate your business and take it to the next level with AI? Trudo offers an easy-to-use, no-code platform for fine-tuning OpenAI GPT3 models and building AI-powered applications with memory and ChatGPT. Whether you're a technical or non-technical individual, Trudo simplifies the fine-tuning process and offers an affordable way to enhance your apps.

With Trudo's intuitive user interface, you can easily fine-tune your GPT3 models with spreadsheets. No coding knowledge is required to get started. Trudo's user-friendly interface allows you to build complex AI applications on top of OpenAI effortlessly.

Want to generate accurate results? Fine-tune your model using the relevant data in your CSV file with two or more columns. Trudo's fine-tuning process shows you the cost beforehand so that there are no surprises.

Trudo's platform works with two or more columns and supports both prompt and completion. Need structured data from OpenAI? Trudo converts multiple columns for prompt or completion into JSON format automatically.

Trudo also supports integration with Zapier,, and other platforms through JSON format. JSON format is a widely used data interchange format that is supported by most integrations, modern programming languages, and web APIs.

Trudo's platform is powered by Embeddings & ChatGPT, enabling long-term memory to store and extract data based on text similarity. If you need to extract data, Trudo's platform allows you to store and retrieve data with text, CSV, or through API.

Trudo provides an AI-powered assistant that can handle everything from writing poems to writing code. You can extract JSON from HTML, clean up datasets, combine multiple items into one, and control the various parameters associated with constructing sophisticated chatbots. Trudo's API integrations support JSON format, allowing integration with thousands of APIs.

Trudo is the preferred platform for fine-tuning GPT3 models among technical and non-technical individuals as it greatly simplifies the process. With Trudo's platform, you can go to market within hours rather than weeks.

Hear it from Trudo's satisfied customers:

"Trudo has saved me countless hours while fine-tuning my models for my startup. Testing my models in an intuitive user interface made it super easy." - Tosh V., Founder & CEO of

"We used fine-tuning to improve the quality of our AI-generated content. Trudo helped us build a fine-tuned model fast." - Malekai M., Head of Content at Next Gen HQ

"It is an excellent tool that has made my work much more manageable, and its customer support team is truly exceptional." - Mohsin A., Founder of

"As a non-technical founder, I'm happy to have found Trudo. The product allowed me to implement the power of fine-tuning without the coding hassle." - Daniel E., Founder of The Shipping Bot

In summary, Trudo offers an intuitive platform for building AI-powered applications, fine-tuning GPT3 models, and enhancing apps with memory and ChatGPT. With Trudo, you can automate your business and take it to the next level with ease. Join Trudo today to build AI apps of tomorrow, today!