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Grow Your Shopify Store 10x Faster with tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager

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tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager helps Shopify store owners grow their businesses with almost zero time investment. Plans start at just $3/month, and our AI replaces your email service provider and marketing manager. Automate your marketing activities using AI and playbooks from the biggest e-commerce brands. Saves you hours of time weekly and provides more sales.

Are you a Shopify store owner struggling to manage your marketing activities efficiently? Say hello to tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager, designed to help grow your business 10x faster with almost zero time investment required from you. With pricing starting at just $3/month, our AI replaces your email service provider and marketing manager, saving you tens of hours and thousands of dollars in expenses. The tool is recommended for solopreneurs, small teams, those on limited time or budgets, and those with limited tech/marketing know-how.

Our AI Marketing Manager automates key marketing activities for your store using AI and playbooks from the biggest e-commerce brands. It sends on-brand messages with no ongoing input required from you, giving you back hours of your week. On average, it saves you zero hours of time per week and provides a boost of up to 0% in more sales.

If you are a marketing manager wearing too many hats, tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager saves you hours weekly in setup, monitoring, and reporting so you can focus on other important tasks. The tool makes you look like a superstar and provides the same benefits to business owners who have an established business with a Shopify store. It saves the business owners tens of thousands of dollars in expenses by replacing software and agency costs with an all-in-one solution.

Our pricing is affordable and scales with your needs, starting at just $3/month. The tool has a 7-day free trial and offers unlimited messages for up to 100 contacts, and you can upgrade as you grow. It comes with various features, including sync store data, popup forms, AI master template, AI abandon cart, AI purchase confirmation, AI welcome message, and revenue reporting.

With tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager, you can increase sales and revenue while you sleep. The tool automatically creates your master template with your brand voice and style, creates stunning on-brand emails, and sends them for you—generating conversions and revenue. Enable complex automations in literally one-click, and let tinyEinstein grow your store on autopilot. Automated emails out of the box include abandon cart emails, purchase thank-you emails, welcome emails, and weekly newsletters.

The tool also comes with tons of more automations, including trending products, Instagram boost, holiday special promos, seasonal special promos, repeat customer feedback survey, lapsed customer feedback survey, top products round-up, coupons and discounts, and welcome deals and promos. Additionally, tinyEinstein automatically creates and inserts email capture forms on your store, making list growth woes a thing of the past.

With such exciting features and benefits, it's no wonder that tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager is loved by Shopify stores around the world. Get started in just two minutes by signing up and adding the tool to your Shopify store. Meet the team behind the scenes creating the magic, and get ready to take your Shopify business to new heights with tinyEinstein’s AI Marketing Manager.