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"Zoom Through Your Snail Mail Hassle-Free with Thatch"

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"Thatch is an AI-powered virtual mailbox with secure mail centers that open, scan, and summarize your mail instantly, giving you the freedom to respond on your terms. With Thatch, you can keep your work and personal life seamlessly untethered."

Thatch is a virtual mailbox service that revolutionizes offline communications with its AI-powered platform. With secure mail centers, Thatch ensures that all your physical mail is opened, scanned, and summarized instantly and made available for you to access online. The service strives to bring ease and efficiency to managing snail mail, saving you precious time and giving you the freedom to respond on your terms. Thatch is an invaluable tool for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to streamline their offline communication management. Additionally, it provides a top-notch security environment that is HIPAA-compliant, PCI-compliant, SOX-compliant, and SSAE-18 certified.
Thatch offers a plethora of features designed to remove the traditional pain points and limitations associated with traditional mail handling. With Thatch, you get a real business address to share with your clients and partners that allows you to keep your home or office separate from your public mailing address. This privacy and protection is especially important for remote workers and small business owners who want to keep their personal life and business communication separate. Additionally, Thatch maintains a full chain of custody for every mail item received, allowing you to easily check delivery dates, scan dates, and upload dates of all your mail to help settle any disputes.
Furthermore, Thatch uses AI to summarize your entire mail history, giving you full-text search capabilities, allowing triage of your day quickly. With Thatch, you can easily forward your mails anywhere in the world and get prompt notification of important mail that needs to be read. Thatch also offers shredding and destruction services for physical mail and package forwarding, letting you maintain digital copies online and request secure shredding and recycling of physical mail.
Thatch is a perfect fit for organizations looking for improved team collaboration and greater efficiency. It provides all employees with the tools to respond and take action on important communication from partners, keeping the organization in step. The service is also suitable for those looking to upgrade their organization's Snail Mail system, allowing them to work on their terms and cutting down on physical mail handling.
Thatch offers a free trial for anyone looking to try out their service, with pricing plans that cater to different customer needs. Overall, Thatch delivers a unique and efficient solution for snail mail that can drastically transform the way you manage your offline communications.