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Draft High-Quality Emails in Seconds with Remail's AI-Powered Chrome Extension

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Remail is a Chrome extension for Gmail that leverages artificial intelligence to compose high-quality email replies in seconds. Whether you're a founder, marketer, engineer, or student, Remail can free up hours of your time and mental overhead, eliminating anxiety around responding to emails right away. Choose from various pricing options to find the plan that works for you.

Remail is an AI-powered Chrome extension for Gmail that helps you draft high-quality email replies in seconds. Whether you're a power email user or a casual one, Remail has a plan that works for your needs. With Remail, you can quickly compose one-click positive or negative responses, write custom responses, or use scheduling links to coordinate a meeting.

One of the most compelling features of Remail is its ability to understand the sentiment and style of your email thread, thanks to its use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence research. This means that you can get contextually relevant results that fit the tone and style of your conversation without having to fuss over wording or phrasing, ultimately saving you lots of time and freeing up your mental energy.

Loved by users across various industries and job roles, Remail is helping people achieve inbox zero, eliminate writer's block, and compose better replies with less mental overhead. As Ahnaf Siddiqui, an engineer at Meta says, "As someone who overthinks everything and rewrites my emails multiple times to come up with the appropriate wording and tone, Remail frees up hours of my time and lots of mental overhead."

While Remail's primary purpose is to help individuals write better emails, the tool is also well-suited for businesses, offering a host of business tool sets that harness the knowledge graph of your particular organization.

Whether you're in marketing, engineering, academia, or other industries, Remail has a plan that works for you. Choose from a free plan that gives you 25 emails, a $5/month Starter plan for casual email users, a $19/month Pro plan for regular email users wanting to get the most out of their email, or a $49/month Pro+ plan for power email users.

Interested in trying out Remail for yourself? Download the Chrome extension and start drafting better emails in seconds. If you have any questions or concerns, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site or contact the Remail team at Get started today with Remail and see how AI can help you improve your email game!