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rasa.io is the world's only truly personalized email newsletter that helps you engage with your audience, nurture relationships, and ultimately drive business growth. With automated personalized content and customized journeys, rasa.io helps you create an exciting and valuable experience for each person on your email list. Try it for free today with a 14-day trial.

Are you struggling to keep your email subscribers engaged and your customers coming back for more? Look no further than rasa.io, the world's only truly personalized email newsletter.

With rasa.io, you can increase your engagement across the board - from live and online events to your own website content. Custom curated articles and personalized content per individual interests create a unique experience for each person on your email list. The result? Increased open rates of over 50%, 97% year-over-year enterprise client retention, and more leads and sales for your business.

But it's not just about engagement - rasa.io also helps you nurture relationships with your audience more often and more relevantly. With automation, you can engage with your subscribers with a new level of frequency without spending time, effort, or money. Plus, rasa.io plays well with other tech tools, including HubSpot, to help you streamline your marketing efforts.

What sets rasa.io apart from other email newsletters is its exciting and personalized experience. Just like your social media feeds are curated specifically for you, rasa.io does the same with email. By segmenting to the individual and making connections with each person on your email list, rasa.io creates an irresistible value proposition for subscribers.

Don't just take our word for it. Mark C. from ISRI called rasa.io a "great time-saver" and Juan R. on G2.com said it's "The best newsletter system." With a range of satisfied customers and glowing testimonials, rasa.io is the ultimate newsletter system for businesses looking to drive engagement, nurture relationships, and ultimately, drive growth.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? Sign up for your 14-day free trial or learn more about rasa.io today.