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Pragma is a knowledge assistant that helps organizations connect seamlessly to their knowledge sources, and find information within Slack instantly. With integrations to top tools, Pragma is an effortless way to add efficiency to everyday work.

Pragma is a knowledge assistant that is designed to streamline how you access information and knowledge within your organization. With Pragma, you can connect to your knowledge sources seamlessly, making it easier to find the information you need, whenever you need it. This tool offers effortless access to top tools that you are familiar with such as Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, Notion, Hubspot, Intercom, Salesforce, and Gong. You can access all information just within Slack, and with the Chrome Extension, you can access information faster and right when you need it.

One of the exciting aspects of Pragma is its auto-suggested answer features, which save you time and effort by instantly surfacing answers directly within Slack. With Pragma's Slack bot feature, you can get answers to your inquiries during meetings or Slack chats, making it easy to work and collaborate in real-time without having to switch to different platforms searching for answers.

With Pragma, you can also use your company's knowledge to streamline your customer support by leveraging information from your data sources and enabling you to respond to customer inquiries accurately and quickly. This feature allows you to add your own content, create, capture, and verify FAQs, making it effortless to learn, fuel business best practices, and enable you to continuously update and validate your knowledge.

Pragma is not just a tool that facilitates access to information; it also helps to ensure your information is up-to-date and authentic. The tool provides fast-track awareness of new release updates and identifies missing or outdated information, and creates new up-to-date knowledge. With Pragma, you can increase confidence with fresh and verified knowledge, facilitate collaboration, and enable your subject matter experts to contribute, improve and approve content.

At Pragma, privacy is taken very seriously, and they have integrated a privacy-first approach into their tool. The flexible integration options allow you to choose whether to store your data on their end or not and customize your privacy settings for each integration. Pragma is committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a secure platform to work with.

Finally, don't just take Pragma's word for it. Some of the organizations that trust Pragma include Hour One, Cato Networks, Optimove, and Oolo. These organizations' representatives have praised Pragma for what it has done for them. For instance, Jonathan Riftin, Director of Customer Success at Optimove, said, "With Pragma, we bridged internal knowledge gaps that allowed us to accurately and immediately respond to questions asked. This unlocked more free time for our CSMs to focus on strategic initiatives."

In conclusion, if you're looking to streamline your knowledge access, easily connect to the knowledge sources you already use, and have access to verified and relevant knowledge at the click of a button, Pragma is the way to go. Get started today by requesting a demo or starting a free trial.