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Generate Your Narrative Magic with Tome - Your Collaborative AI Partner

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Tome is a powerful and innovative AI tool that helps you write compelling stories with any kind of content. It's the ideal partner for anyone who wants to create powerful and magic narratives that captivate audiences. With Tome, you can easily generate entire narratives from scratch, or create additional content pages within seconds by keying in a prompt.

But the magic of Tome goes further. With our DALL·E 2 tile, you can create amazing, tailor-made images that bring your ideas to life, and build a story that deserves more than just texts and images. Tome offers you 3D rendering, video trimming, and live content embedding from the web, making your point more compelling, and your story a real tour de force.

Tome is designed to make your life easy - drag-and-drop creation, responsive pages, and one-click themes mean that you don’t waste time aligning content or applying brand colors. And the best part? You can embed anything from the web in one place, and showcase your existing work as a connected part of your story, including live integrations with your favorite tools such as Figma.

With Tome, you also have native video recording capabilities that let you talk through a nuanced point or add a personal touch to your story. Plus, easy sharing means that you can share a link to your tome with just one click. Tomes are designed to fit any device, so viewers aren't stuck squinting or pinching to zoom.

Tome mobile app is available for iOS so that you can quickly and easily seize a spark of inspiration or make a last-minute edit right before the meeting. And with the seamless synchronization of your work across devices, you are always in control.

Tome is the ideal companion for everything from product and design reviews to company strategy, customer education, and sales decks and pitches. Try out Tome today to harness the power of AI and make your moments matter.