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An AI Storytelling Game with Endless Possibilities

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EndlessVN is a revolutionary AI storytelling game that generates all assets, including graphics, music, story, and characters. With EndlessVN, you can create your own unique Choose-Your-Own-Adventure visual novels without having to deal with complicated settings. The game is developed by Augnition, a small R&D company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Do you love visual novels but wish each playthrough could be different? Do you want to create your own unique story without having to deal with complicated settings? EndlessVN is the answer. This revolutionary AI storytelling game generates all assets, including graphics, music, story, and characters. No two playthroughs will ever be the same, so the possibilities are endless.

EndlessVN is more than just a writing tool, it is primarily a game. You can jump right in and start playing, while still having control over the world and story. Think of EndlessVN as a tool for creating Choose-Your-Own-Adventure visual novels that are unique and engaging. The underlying engine is playable, and new features are constantly being added based on user feedback.

EndlessVN uses GPT-J / GPT-NeoX to generate the story, diffusion models like Stable Diffusion to create sprites and backgrounds, and a variety of neural nets to generate MIDI samples for music. EndlessVN offers three subscription tiers, Free, Voyager, and Creator, with each tier offering a different level of access to the game's features. Your stories are kept secure with AES-256 encryption, and the game's developers are constantly working to improve the AI.

Join the EndlessVN community today and start creating your own unique visual novels. You can sign up for free and start playing right away. We're constantly working on new features and updates, so make sure to stop by our Discord community and share your feedback. While multiplayer is not available in the initial public alpha, it is in the works, so stay tuned for updates.