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Create, share and remix AI apps easily with Pliny - a lightweight interface that turns your prompts into shareable apps. Anyone can run your app for free on their own inputs or remix it to create a new version. With Pliny, you can explore a variety of apps including a foreign language tutor chatbot, aggressive NFT salesman, job interviewer chatbot, Shakespeare insult generator and many more.

Pliny is a platform that enables users to create, share and remix AI apps using a lightweight interface. Users can generate prompts and turn them into shareable apps that can be run for free on their own inputs, or remixed to create a new version. With a variety of apps available, from a foreign language tutor chatbot to a job interviewer chatbot, Pliny provides users with a range of options to explore.

One of the apps available on Pliny is a chatbot that simulates a conversation in any foreign language. This app, created by @spencerk, helps users to practice speaking with an AI in a foreign language, allowing them to improve their conversational skills. Another app available on Pliny is the aggressive NFT salesman, created by @dak. This app presents users with a deal on NFTs, in the style of Butters Stotch from South Park.

Pliny also features an app that creates personalized wedding "thank you" notes, created by @moonunit. This app allows users to create unique and personalized notes to thank their guests for attending their special day. Another popular app is the chatbot for mock job interviews, created by @sky. Users can pass in the role title, company name and description of the job they are applying for, and practice their interview skills with the AI chatbot.

Other interesting apps include a Shakespeare insult generator, a TikTok translator, a copy AI clone that converts thoughts to a formatted blog post, a JavaScript teacher chatbot that can answer all your coding questions, and a Twitter bio generator that creates a short bio based on context and vibe.

Pliny offers a range of apps that cater to different interests and needs, allowing users to explore, create and share in a fun and engaging way. The platform is easy to use, and users can quickly get started with generating their own prompts and creating shareable apps. Whether you are looking to learn a new language, practice your interview skills, or simply have fun with AI, Pliny has something for everyone.