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Pictory is an advanced online video creator that automatically extracts short and highly-engaging video snippets from your long-form content. With Pictory, converting your scripts and blog posts into jaw-dropping sales videos is a breeze. The AI-powered tool also adds captions to your videos, making them more accessible to people who watch social media videos on mute.

Pictory is the world's best-loved online video creator that helps businesses and content creators turn their content into golden nuggets that can be shared across social media platforms. Pictory's AI-powered technology can automatically extract short video snippets from your long-form videos, webinars, and online meetings, which can be used to create highly-engaging videos that are perfect for sharing on social media.

With Pictory, you can convert your scripts and blog posts into high-conversion video sales letters, complete with stock footage, music, and voiceovers, in just a few minutes. This powerful tool can also add captions to your videos, making them more accessible to the 85% of social media users who watch videos on mute.

By using Pictory, you can breathe new life into your blog by adding engaging videos that will boost your search engine rankings and increase your readership. The tool can transform your text blog posts into videos on autopilot, creating a seamless experience for your audience.

Pictory offers a wide range of features that make video creation easy and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. You can use the tool to edit videos using text, create video highlights, auto-caption videos, and even auto-summarize long videos. With Pictory's video marketing masterclasses, case studies, and help center, you can learn how to create the best videos for your business.

Pictory also offers a creator community where you can connect with other content creators and learn from the best. Its affiliate partner program allows you to earn commissions by promoting the tool to your audience. You can also stay updated on the product roadmap to see what new features and improvements are coming soon.

In conclusion, Pictory is the perfect video creation tool for businesses and content creators who want to turn their long-form content into highly-engaging and shareable videos. With its advanced AI technology and wide range of features, Pictory makes video creation easy, cost-effective, and fun.