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Create personalized AI videos with diverse digital avatars from text. Use Elai to make videos in a matter of minutes without a camera, studio, and greenscreen

Are you tired of spending hours in a crowded studio with expensive camera equipment and unnecessary props just to create a video for your business or blog? Do you want to create professional, engaging videos in minutes without leaving your desk? If yes, then Elai is the perfect AI video generator for you.

Elai is a game-changing platform that helps businesses and bloggers create customized videos with a presenter just from text. With Elai, you can build AI videos using 25+ avatars, including self-portrait and studio-quality options, without the need for a camera, studio, or greenscreen. Additionally, Elai offers a text-to-video feature that allows you to create a video based on any blog post with real humans, powered by GPT-3 technology.

Elai is perfect for explainer videos, onboarding HR, E-commerce, corporate communications, and real estate content. The platform also offers video templates, AI dubbing, cartoon avatars, and an AI news generator feature, making it one of the most sophisticated AI video makers in the market.

Elai has received glowing reviews from customers worldwide, with many praising the quality of its services and professional videos. The platform also offers a voice cloning feature, ensuring top-quality audio for each of your videos.

With Elai, not only can you increase organic traffic and viewer engagement, but you can also do so in over 65+ languages, without the help of a localization crew. And with its pricing options, you can start making AI videos today without breaking the bank.

Overall, Elai is the ultimate AI video generator that will transform your video creation process and help take your business or blog to the next level.


What is Elai AI Pricing?

Elai offers three pricing tiers: Free, Basic, and Advanced. The Free option offers a 1-minute free credit, while Basic and Advanced offer 15 and 50 video minutes per month, respectively. The Basic tier costs $29 per month or $277 billed annually, and the Advanced tier costs $99 per month or $948 billed annually. Both tiers offer all basic features, including text-to-video, automated translations, and 25+ Avatars. However, the Advanced tier offers additional features such as premium voices, custom music upload, ultra HD 4K video avatars, and an API feature. For more complicated needs, Elai also offers a custom corporate plan that depends on specific requirements. You'll get a dedicated account manager and unlimited users, and access to all advanced features. Contact Elai to learn more about custom plans.