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Onoco - Personalized Sleep Schedules for Your Little One

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Get personalized nap schedules for your baby with Onoco's Optimal Nap Time Predictor powered by Onoco AI. Improve your baby's sleep and support their development with Onoco Premium.

Onoco understands that every baby is unique and has different sleep needs. Using a one-size-fits-all approach may lead to ineffective sleep schedules for some children. That's why they developed the Onoco Optimal Nap Time Predictor. Powered by Onoco AI, this tool predicts a baby's personalized wake window. Once enough sleep data is recorded, users receive personalized recommendations for their baby's next optimal nap time. The algorithm has been trained on over 1,500,000 naps collected in the last two years. Users can also transfer information into a customizable Onoco planner and track sleep sessions. Optional notifications prompt at 10, 15, or 30 minutes before nap time and can be shared across all family profiles. Onoco is an app that supports various parenting styles and allows users to make informed decisions about their child's development.