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Your AI assistant for easy note-taking in therapy sessions.

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Upheal is an AI-powered platform that offers secure video conferencing, progress notes, and insights to save therapist's time on documentation and analysis. It features high-quality calls, guided consent collection, voice-to-text transcription, and complete session history for added data security and privacy.

Upheal is an innovative mental health platform that offers an AI-powered solution to note-taking and analysis during therapy sessions. Co-created with experienced mental health professionals, Upheal helps therapists and coaches capture important client information quickly and easily, so they can focus on supporting their clients.

Whether it's paperwork stress or multiple-project disorder, Upheal has therapists covered. The platform offers guided consent collection, secure end-to-end encrypted video calls, and voice-to-text transcription, so therapists can focus on their clients without worrying about documentation. Upheal not only transcribes the whole session but also runs helpful analyses in the background, such as speech cadence or therapist-to-client talking ratio.

With Upheal, therapists can save valuable time and energy for client breakthroughs. Its AI-powered progress notes are DAP-informed and include a summary of each session, highlighting key insights, people, and places in a client's life. These notes can be easily edited during or after the session, ensuring therapists have full control over the content. In addition, Upheal can be used to manage sessions, whether they're in-person or online.

For added data security and privacy, Upheal is built on a modern cloud infrastructure, ensuring all data is secured and encrypted with AES-256, and HIPAA-compliant. Upheal's personal data activity tracking in an audit log ensures additional oversight, and all client information is properly pseudonymized and physically segregated.

Upheal's smart analytics help therapists identify recurring themes, behaviors, and coping strategies in their clients, allowing them to monitor and point out progress over time. Moreover, the platform's unique analyses like speech cadence or therapist-to-client talking ratio can provide insights on diagnosis markers, all organized and presented in an easily searchable format.

Upheal makes clinical note-taking for therapists an enjoyable experience. As noted by Registered Psychotherapist Jhanelle Peters, "Clinical notes might be the most daunting task a therapist endures. But Upheal has made it something a therapist can look forward to completing."

Upheal is completely free during its Early Access program, as the platform's team wants to collect feedback from valued therapists to perfect the service. In the future, Upheal will be charged for use. Join the waitlist now and be the first to get early access to this smart therapy platform.