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Automating Food Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

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For food recognition and optimization, LogMeal offers artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions. The touchless checkout kiosks, real-time consumption analysis, and personalization tools help reduce checkout costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide micro and macro nutritional data.

LogMeal is a leading provider of artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions for food recognition. Their mission is to automate, optimize, and provide added value to processes related to food and nutrition. By using LogMeal's solutions, customers can benefit from reduced checkout costs, improved customer satisfaction, and real-time consumption analysis.

LogMeal's touchless checkout kiosk is an innovative solution for self-service restaurants that allows customers to order and pay for their meals without any physical contact. It is fully integrated with 100% of the POS and supports personalized learning and customization for each customer. LogMeal also provides an Artificial Intelligence Food API that powers apps with deep learning algorithms for food recognition.

Their general-purpose Food API is capable of detecting over 1300 different dishes using the largest food image dataset in the world. Moreover, their API provides micro and macro detailed nutritional information, which can be used to add or remove receipt ingredients, modulate quantity, and customize the learning experience.

LogMeal's team has over 30 years of experience in computer vision both in the industrial and academic sectors. They have been developing deep learning algorithms for over 7 years and have published 25 international papers about food recognition. Not only that, their solutions have been applied to several projects and contexts. They have helped track food intake for elderly people, estimate nutrition for diabetes or renal disease patients, and create autonomous checkout devices for self-service restaurants.

LogMeal's Artificial Intelligence Food Recognition solutions have been used in several projects, and their success stories have been a testament to their commitment to providing value-added services to their customers.

Overall, LogMeal is a game-changer in the food recognition industry, and its commitment to automating, optimizing, and providing added value to its customer's processes related to food and nutrition makes it the go-to platform for AI-powered food recognition solutions.