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Missive is an inbox and chat app that empowers teams to collaborate around email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, live chat, custom Instagram, and more. With Missive, teams can stay accountable, efficient, and focused, with shared or private communication channels streamlined in a single app. Discover a new level of clarity, teamwork, and productivity.

Missive is an inbox and chat app that aims to solve collaboration challenges around email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, live chat, custom Instagram, and other communication channels. Developed by an experienced team of software engineers and designers, Missive offers a business-first collaborative experience that enables teams to focus on growing their business rather than setting up and maintaining multiple tools.

With Missive, teams can work seamlessly and productively, regardless of their location, time zone, or device preferences. Missive ensures accountability by enabling users to know who among their team is working on what. It allows for efficiency by streamlining all shared or private communication channels in a single app. It delivers clarity by providing a whole picture, team by team, that helps streamline communication and avoid information silos. Lastly, Missive inspires teamwork by allowing them to collaborate around shared inboxes, such as email, tweets, SMS, webchat, and more, with team members and third-party stakeholders.

Missive focuses on ongoing innovation, reflected in the platform’s continuous updates, enhancements, and added features. The platform’s ever-growing list of integrations with over 900 apps also enables users to enrich their workflow and get the most out of their productivity. Missive provides some of the most popular integration options, such as Asana, ClickUp, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Salesforce, to name a few. The platform’s free Grammarly integration is also a useful tool that helps users write error-free emails and messages.

Missive is a clear leader in its category, with plenty of positive customer reviews that speak to its effectiveness in enhancing collaboration and productivity. Some of the positive feedback the team received includes comments on how Missive helps clients “stay organized without stepping on each other,” “solve and route customer inquiries efficiently,” and also “increase their bottom line profit by saving time and effort.”

In conclusion, Missive is a highly effective tool that can help teams of all types and sizes communicate and collaborate more seamlessly, efficiently, and productively. Sign up for a free trial or request a demo today and experience the benefits of Missive first-hand!