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Simplify your 3D creation with Generative AI from Masterpiece Studio

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Masterpiece Studio's Generative AI simplifies the 3D creation process with text-to-3D and text-to-animation tools. Generate game-ready 3D models and create animations with just a few words. Edit, remix, and share your creations easily using our in-app AI tools. Join the waitlist to experience effortless 3D creation.

Masterpiece Studio is an innovative company that simplifies the 3D creation process with Generative AI, making it easier and more accessible for modern creators. The traditional 3D creation tools are often too complex, overwhelming, and time-consuming, which limits the creativity of creators. Hence, Masterpiece Studio designed a user-friendly and efficient tool that enables creators to generate, edit, and remix 3D models easily.

With Masterpiece Studio's Generative AI, generating a game-ready 3D model can now be done with just a few words using text-to-3D generation or image/video-to-3D generation tools. Creators can experiment with various text prompts such as "a 3D rendering Viking, standing upright, idle pose, full body, soft smooth lighting, diffuse colors, 4k, toon shading, the unreal engine", and the AI will generate a mesh that is compatible with the industry's leading game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine.

In addition to generating 3D models, creators can also create animations for 3D characters with text-to-animation tooling. Creators can use a few words such as "walk and twirl" to generate an animation that helps bring their characters to life. The in-app AI tools also allow creators to edit, remix, and use their 3D models easily with features like Auto-UV, Auto-Rig, and more.

All 3D models created with Masterpiece Studio are stored, optimized, and deployed from the cloud. Creators can easily share and use them in their games, virtual world, or creative project. Masterpiece Studio has also partnered with some of the industry's greatest organizations to shape the future of 3D creation. Their work has been recognized by industry leaders with various awards and memberships.

Are you a developer or business interested in bringing these same tools to your own creative apps or virtual worlds? Join the waitlist to be one of the first to experience effortless 3D creation with Generative AI from Masterpiece Studio. Join their team to help build the future of 3D creation.