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CodeBaby's avatars go beyond AI and utilize emotional intelligence to provide exceptional customer service. With features such as speech, empathy, visual engagement, and personalization, CodeBaby avatars redefine the chatbot experience. Add a CodeBaby avatar to your site and improve accessibility, engagement, and outcomes for every user. Try it out for free.

CodeBaby is on a mission to provide people with access to complex, life-improving technologies while making them feel heard and understood. To achieve this goal, the company has developed avatars that use a blend of emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience.

Unlike traditional chatbots, CodeBaby's avatars are driven by Natural Language Processing (NLP). They offer audio communication options, which ensures that every user can use the chat experience. The avatars also add empathy to the user experience by providing a caring face, a kind voice, and a listening ear. This increases customer engagement and connection.

Visual engagement is another advantage of CodeBaby avatars. The animated characters increase engagement over traditional chatbots or IVRs and lead to better understanding and retention of information. The company has a large library of premade gestures and facial expressions, as well as a real-time animation engine, which helps offer a more natural and engaging interface for online customers.

CodeBaby avatars can also be tailored to your brand through character design, clothing, or other elements, thus extending your brand. The avatars' text-or-speech choices increase accessibility, while animated characters can help neuro-divergent users.

One of the most significant advantages of CodeBaby avatars is personalization. Integrating the avatars with internal systems or third-party tools adds to the personalization by using context and customer insight to detect what the customer has been doing on the site or asking the avatar. This leads to a more personalized user experience.

Adding an animated character to e-learning content can improve engagement and retention and lead to better outcomes for students. CodeBaby's avatars can intervene when users are about to abandon a form and help them complete it, increasing form completion rates. They can also provide empathy and support to users in remote patient monitoring.

Our avatars are designed to provide the right information to customers as soon as possible. Utilize the information from your FAQ page with our avatars. The possibilities for CodeBaby avatars are endless, and we are continually updating our software to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

In conclusion, CodeBaby's avatar technology is exceptional in providing a unique user experience. With the combination of emotional intelligence and AI, CodeBaby avatars offer accessibility, personalization, engagement, empathy, and improved outcomes to every user. Sign up for a free trial today and see everything a CodeBaby avatar can do for you.