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"Make email communication effortless with Mailbutler's AI-powered Smart Assistant!"

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"Join the AI revolution with Mailbutler's Smart Assistant for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail. Save time and effort with features like Smart Compose, Smart Respond, and contact/task finders. Improve your emails with spelling and grammar suggestions and get a quick summary of important messages. Try the early-access version now!"

Mailbutler has just introduced its AI-powered Smart Assistant for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail, promising to revolutionize email communication with cutting-edge features that will make life easier for professionals and individuals alike.

The early-access version of the Smart Assistant brings the power of artificial intelligence to your inbox, making it possible to automate mundane tasks and save time on email communication. Let's take a closer look at the features that make the Smart Assistant a must-have tool for everyone who uses email on a daily basis.

First and foremost, the Smart Assistant includes a Smart Compose feature that allows users to provide a few keywords and have an email drafted for them. The AI-powered algorithm takes care of the rest, creating a message that can be quickly inserted into the compose window and edited as needed. This feature is a real game-changer for anyone who frequently finds themselves struggling to find the right words to express their thoughts.

The Smart Assistant also includes a Smart Respond feature that generates responses to emails based on a few keywords. This is perfect for those times when you're swamped with emails and don't have time to craft individual responses to every message. The Smart Assistant generates a response that can be edited and customized before sending, so you're always in control of the tone and content of your messages.

Another handy feature of the Smart Assistant is the ability to quickly summarize important messages. Clicking on the Summarize button will bring up an overview of all pertinent details from an email, making it easy to get a quick understanding of what's happening in your inbox at all times. This feature is especially useful for busy professionals who need to stay on top of multiple conversations and keep track of important information.

In addition to the features described above, the Smart Assistant also includes spelling and grammar suggestions to help you improve your emails, a contact finder that automatically adds new contacts to your Mailbutler Contacts feature, and a task finder that scans your emails for to-do items and adds them to the Mailbutler Tasks feature.

Overall, the Smart Assistant is an essential email tool for anyone who wants to save time and automate mundane tasks. Its AI-powered features make email communication effortless, giving users more time to focus on the things that really matter. The early-access version of the Smart Assistant is available now, so why not give it a try and experience the power of AI for yourself?