Lindy - Your AI personal assistant for an organized life!

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Lindy is an AI assistant that can help you with all your tasks - from email drafting and scheduling to contract management and summarization – all in one place. Powered with artificial intelligence, Lindy makes life easier by helping you organize your daily tasks and workflow, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Lindy is the ultimate organizational tool that can transform the way you work and interact with your inbox. With the ability to handle calendar management, email drafting, contract sending, and more, Lindy is the virtual assistant you never knew you needed. One of the features that sets Lindy apart is its perfect scheduling capability. No more back-and-forth emails with clients or colleagues trying to find common availabilities - Lindy handles it all for you. Lindy also pre-drafts your emails, personalized with your unique voice and style, freeing up your time for other important tasks. With Lindy triaging your inbox and surfacing the highest-priority emails, you can focus on what really matters. Not only that, but Lindy even joins your meetings, takes notes for you, and summarizes podcasts, videos, emails or web articles so you don't have to. Lindy truly delivers infinite personalization, with specific use cases for sales and marketing, and integrates with your favorite tools like Gmail, Google Sheets, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. Join the beta today and see how Lindy can transform your work day.