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Turn your textual data into valuable insights with Lettria's user-friendly, collaborative, and efficient no-code AI platform for text.

Lettria is revolutionizing the way businesses are analyzing and structuring their textual data with their no-code AI platform for text. With 85% of text processing projects destined to fail, Lettria set out to create a platform that makes NLP projects accessible, collaborative, and efficient for every member of the team. The platform's user-friendly data expert tools allow businesses to fine-tune project specs, label text, clean data, detect sensitive information, and classify documents faster and more accurately than ever before. Moreover, Lettria's NLP engine provides the best-in-class performance for all stages of the project. The platform is ideal for businesses who want to create their AI engine without coding, automate time-consuming and low value-added tasks, and organize unstructured data. Thanks to Lettria's intuitive design, anyone can work with text, regardless of the role, and start harnessing the true power of their data. Lettria's platform is divided into 3 main categories: Text Collection & Management, Text Labeling & Analysis, and Knowledge Management & Publishing. Each of these categories contains a set of tools that are fully customizable and can work together to create a seamless NLP pipeline. Lettria's platform also incorporates a range of pre-trained and customizable multilingual models, which allow businesses to handle complex data types and keep up with industry-specific terminologies. Additionally, Lettria's platform provides many use cases to help businesses understand how to integrate their platform into their workflows. Some examples include Voice2CRM, Search Engine Results Optimization, and Customer Feedback Analysis. Overall, Lettria's platform is perfect for businesses that want to get more out of their textual data without having to worry about coding, low accuracy rates, or time-consuming tasks. Get started with Lettria today and transform your textual data into valuable insights.