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Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software for Animation and Video Production Companies.

Last Updated: is an intuitive Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software designed for animation and video production companies. It offers remote collaboration features that streamline the creative pipeline and project management, allowing teams to stay organized, manage assets, and get convenient feedback with advanced visual commenting and automatic timestamping features. is a Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software that has been specially designed to cater to the specific requirements of animation and video production companies. With its remote collaboration features, this intuitive tool streamlines the creative pipeline, enhances team communication, and manages projects efficiently. The platform offers a plethora of advanced features that help animation and video production companies work more effectively, ensuring that they deliver high-quality products within deadlines.

With's video proofing system, teams can leave accurate feedback, thanks to visual markers, drawings, and the ability to add files to comments. It offers two video review modes: Frame-by-Frame and Loop that allow teams to detect even the slightest changes between the frames and mark two points, A and B, that recur in a video fragment. This tool ensures that teams can work without having to adjust their processes to a new review tool.

One of the most significant advantages of is that it allows users to build a unique fully-customized pipeline, organize steps with folders, manage assets, and add multiple file types such as PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, MP4, MOV, and more. Teams can choose only the tools they need, helping them work more efficiently without tons of irrelevant features. comes with features that ensure easy collaboration with team members by helping them assign team members to project steps and add comments as a to-do list for each member. Users can choose to keep track of statuses, deadlines, and versions of every step of the project, all from one place. The result is a streamlined project pipeline that ensures even teams working remotely can keep track of their progress., with its online proofing feature, minimizes the number of revisions by helping users get convenient feedback with advanced visual commenting and automatic timestamping features. It invites clients for online proofing, resulting in faster approvals that reduce the time spent on ineffective communication.

Managing a remote team can be confusing, but with, users get a clear understanding of their production process and team workload with features such as the Calendar view and Gantt chart. Never miss deadlines and control and plan the team's workload like a pro.

Good customer service always pays back with an increasing number of new and returning clients, improving customer satisfaction and willingness to refer. helps users strengthen their offer with a smooth and transparent process along with clear communication, making it an excellent selling point for animation and video production companies. is an efficient way to work on multiple projects. Its simple and intuitive UX requires no extra training for teams to build their process in With pre-built pipeline templates, users can start using the platform in a timely manner. They can make any changes they like or make their workflows. Invite teammates and clients in just a few clicks, and use multiple integrations to streamline production and communication. Best of all, any package includes an unlimited number of clients and freelancers, with no hidden costs or per-user fees. Upgrade only if additional features are needed.

Overall, is a powerful Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software that revolutionizes the animation and video production industry. Its full-feature toolset, easy collaboration, and remote-monitoring features ensure that teams can deliver projects on time, every time. Try for free for 7 days, and experience the magic.