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Guide.AI enables anyone to develop and publish high-quality audio guides in multiple languages for any location. The platform uses advanced AI text-to-speech technology and offers flexible finance models, including revenue sharing and pay-per-download options, to suit different needs. Audio guide authors can earn money from guide sales and attract sighted visitors with free accessibility options.

Guide.AI is a revolutionary platform that enables anyone to create and profit from audio guides. Unlike traditional audio guides, Guide.AI offers a quick and easy way to develop, publish, and sell high-quality guides in multiple languages for any location through its website. All you need is a script and some pictures, and Guide.AI will take care of the rest using its advanced AI text-to-speech technology.

Guide.AI's platform offers flexible finance models to suit different needs. If you want to maximize your revenue, choose the revenue-sharing option, which allows you to earn 40% of each guide sale. If you prefer a pay-per-download or subscription model, Guide.AI offers those options too.

Audio guide authors on Guide.AI can earn money from their guide sales and attract partially sighted visitors with free accessibility options. Guide.AI encourages authors to create two versions of the same guide, one for fully sighted visitors and one for partially sighted visitors, to make attractions and destinations more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The guide for partially sighted visitors is free of charge on the subscription and pay-per-download finance models. Our costs aren’t based on the length of an audio guide, so there is no penalty for adding in the additional audio content that partially sighted visitors may need.

Guide.AI provides a passive income opportunity for audio guide authors. Once an audio guide has been published, it has the potential to earn you a continuous income without any further work. Just sit back and watch your audio guide rise in popularity and sales.

Guide.AI platform is designed with ease of use in mind. The website and app are both user-friendly, and authors can test their guide on the app before publishing it. Guide.AI also offers a service where they can create an audio guide for authors who have little spare time to do it themselves.

Guide.AI also offers different finance models to suit everyone. Whether you're part of an organization that runs an attraction or an individual with an idea for a guide, there's an option for you.

Guide.AI is easy to use, inclusive, and provides you with an opportunity to profit from audio guides. Try the platform today, and start developing audio guides that will fascinate and engage visitors to different locations.